May 1st, 2006


Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation

I reopened an old argument at Wikipedia: What's the correct, official title for the Animaniacs cartoon Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation? I used to have a link that pointed to the real episode list (not the AHEM, or other fan documents, derived from it). Some folks think the third Please is really Pleese, based on a subtitle in the cartoon itself; IIRC, that was just a joke, intentionally misspelled to give us fans something else to put in the net documents on the series.

Anyone got a pointer to an authoritative source? keeper1st, have you got anything, or do you think Peter Hastings or Tom Ruegger could be induced to comment?
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What part of "illegal" don't you understand?

CNN's web site has this picture to headline its story on immigrant rallies:

Note the picture from the upper right: "We are not criminals".

Well, if they're illegally in this country, then yes, they are criminals. What's so hard to understand about this?

No, not all immigrants are criminals, and I do not oppose immigration. I do strongly oppose illegal immigration, and the idea of granting illegal aliens a path to citizenship that does not involve their going home again and doing it the proper way, as they should have in the first place, makes my blood boil, just as granting amnesty for any other crime does.

(And no, I didn't manually select that song; iTunes did that all by itself.)
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