May 7th, 2006


Anyone out there do original music and audio?

If so, please drop me an email. I have a project that's been languishing over a year because people keep volunteering to do the final audio and then dropping the ball, and it's time to get it finished and out the door.

My email is in my LJ user info.
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A few historical books

At the Minnesota State Association of Parliamentarians annual meeting yesterday, one of the features was a silent auction of the collection of one of the long-time members. I snagged several books, including one copy of each of the four editions of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, as well as a very nice copy of the 1951 edition of Robert's Rules of Order Revised.

The two I'm happiest to have snagged, though, are both quite old. One is an 1891 printing of the second edition of Robert's Rules of Order, the original version. This one has the member's name on a label stuck to the front cover with Scotch tape over the top; I haven't decided whether to attempt to remove it or not. It's not in condition that would attract a collector's eye; the first signature (group of bound pages) of the book is quite loose, and the cover is fairly worn even aside from the label.

The other is even more interesting: an 1893 printing of The Woman's Manual of Parliamentary Law, by Harriette R. Shattuck, who the title page lists as "President of the Boston Political Class". The introduction says that, while men grew up with parliamentary usage and were comfortable with it, women did not, and so were reluctant to participate in the organizations of the day. This, she hoped to rectify. This book is not in collection condition either, as several of the pages have fallen out (and are paper-clipped to the cover).

I suspect both will make interesting reading.
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