June 12th, 2006


PRP, here I come

I've been waiting a year for the opportunity, but I've finally signed up for the National Association of Parliamentarians' Professional Qualification Course. The course itself will be held after the NAP's National Training Conference, on Labor Day weekend (1-3 September), in Oak Brook, IL (near Chicago). The course is $200, on top of $150 for the conference and four nights at the Doubletree Hotel.

Completing this course will, however, lay to rest any further objections about my parliamentary competence. Upon completion, I'll be a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.

There are more certifications to earn from the American Institute of Parliamentarians, but I'll work on those once I get the PRP out of the way. This is in part because I think the education involved in the RP and PRP certifications will count toward AIP's CP and CPP, but also because, despite repeated requests, I've never received the information from AIP on just what the requirements are and how I can fulfill them. I'm not particularly impressed with AIP's member service record.
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A new virtual desktop manager for OS X

I'd been using Codetek Virtual Desktop for a while until getting a MacBook Pro. Since it doesn't work on Intel Macs, and didn't appear to be getting an update anytime soon, I had to switch. The other contender was Desktop Manager, which at least runs, but isn't in active development and has some annoying bugs.

While reading updates on Parallels Desktop, I saw a mention of another desktop package called VirtueDesktops. I sucked it down and installed it, and lo and behold, it almost fails to suck.

VirtueDesktops is built on top of Desktop Manager, and fixes all of the bugs that had been irritating me. In particular, it doesn't leave a click hanging in the menu bar after switching screens, it doesn't do a screen swap animation when no screen switch is actually occurring, and it shows the notification bezel on the screen being switched to after the animation.

There's an even bigger advantage, though. There is no pager on the screen at all times (though one can be brought up by keystroke). It's not needed. Switching to another application in the Dock will swap screens to that application, if needed. To me, this is the Right Answer.

It's in active development, and some features aren't implemented yet, but it's a winner even now. Recommended.
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