October 20th, 2006


Left-wing hysteria

foolscap001 links to an interesting essay by Victor Davis Hanson on the growing hysteria among the Left.

For all of the carping about polarization of the political scene coming from that end of the spectrum, they sure indulge in a lot of it, as Hanson points out.
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The server's back online

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the replacement power supply for thebrain, my Internet server, arrived yesterday. The $101 overnight shipping actually paid for the seller to send it overnight, that day.

vakkotaur installed it and brought the machine up. That wasn't the entire problem, though. One of the two CPU boards reported a bad fan. Fortunately, I had a spare on the shelf, and that dropped right in. The system's back up as though there wasn't ever a problem.

I don't know if the fan was the real problem; I'll play with that the next time I'm home. I'm hoping the old power supply is actually good, and if it is, I'll put it back in the machine and run it as redundant power to guard against that kind of failure in the future. In any event, I'll replace the fan and keep the old CPU around as a spare.
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