November 6th, 2006


Idiot &**&%*$#$%@^#$%&& trucker

I made a serious mistake when I left Fairmont this morning: I got the car washed when I filled the gas tank.

Not 50 miles later, on the south side of Mankato, some idiot trucker driving truck 905 from Reinhart Transportation LLC out of Omaha started to pass me on a hill. He didn't make it, and ran alongside me for a half mile or so. I had enough, and stomped the gas and got back in front of him.

That decision was made a lot easier by the black splotches his truck was spraying on my car. They turned out to be motor oil. He had oil all down the right side of the cab and all over the top of the bumper, coming out from under the hood.

I stopped and asked him if he knew what that crap was all over my car. "No." "I just got it washed this morning." "There's not anything I can do about it." "Yes, there is. Get your damn truck fixed!" I drove off, grumbling, and got the car washed again in Belle Plaine.

I hope his engine seizes up from oil exhaustion.
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