November 26th, 2006


One hardware annoyance fixed

I fixed the weird DIMM problem on the free computer. They were hard to stuff into the slots, and I thought that was causing them to bend and not make good contact. So, I decided to test the theory. I took my handy-dandy Dremel tool, mounted a cylindrical mill bit on it, and ground the edges of the DIMMs down a bit until they slid easily into the sockets. Result: System came up with 512 MB, no sweat.

There are some problems for which a Dremel is the right answer. That number is larger than you might guess at first.

Unfortunately, it didn't fix the SCSI problem. I've ordered another card off eBay; we'll see what that does next weekend, most likely.
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Recent travels

vakkotaur and I went to Houston over Thanksgiving to see my family. Whee. Had a good time, visited with my parents and a friend. Had the usual travel hassles, although I did get to show him how flying first class and staying at Residence Inns helps to take some of the edge off of it.

Had a suitcase failure: the pull handle on my Samsonite carry-on refused to collapse again when I got to Houston. I wasn't able to fix it myself, so I'll have to take it in. What a pain. I'll have to go back to the cheapo I was using.

Off to LA this week, leaving tomorrow and returning home Friday afternoon; dunno yet about the week after that. I also don't know how things will be over the Christmas holiday.
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