January 12th, 2007


Mildly taken out of context

Via my friends list feed from Google Blog Search:

Kind of a rule of thumb. I’m good at baiting people. I’ma professional little brother. Do you trust the guy in the Tron outfit who’sa network architect engineeer by day or do you trust the PR flack? I trust the Tron guy.

-- Matt Stoller of myDD.com, at a conference on net neutrality

I just find the phrase "I trust the Tron guy" amusing...not sure why.

Update: I just went and read some of myDD.com. If I get trusted by a left-wing extremist like him, what am I doing wrong?
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Amusing thought

I got a shiny new Treo 680 yesterday on my way through Detroit Metro Airport.

My 650 is up for auction on eBay. It just occurred to me that I could add a note that it belonged to the Tron Guy, and that I'd include an autographed picture with it on request...wonder if that would affect the bidding much.
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