April 21st, 2007


Deeply disappointed

I came up with another new costume for the Penguicon Masquerade: Purple, from Larry Niven and David Gerrold's The Flying Sorcerers. Not too elaborate, but it was as close as I could possibly come to the exact descriptions from the book, which I'd flagged and had available for the judges (even though they didn't look at it). I came up with a presentation that fit the character and worked to explain the things I wanted. I made it to the muster a bit late due to a panel commitment, but they'd been warned.

There was one incredible costume by a novice entrant. I saw that, and figured I was beaten on the costume itself. I gave exactly the presentation I wanted to, and got it off with no problems at all. I thought that might be good for something.

Not a chance. I got wiped out for best performance by a girl who took all her clothes off. The incredible novice costume only took second place (as well as best original costume). First prize was won by another costume, worn by a good-looking woman in a leotard.

Grumble. I can't really argue with any of them, but I'm still more than a little disappointed.
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