May 15th, 2007


Larger than life

Sound Transit, in the Seattle metropolitan area, is running an ad campaign promoting its services. I, as well as other Internet celebrities, am featured in it.

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I'm pleased with this one...they did a very nice job replacing the hotel room background with a pretty starfield.

For those of you in the area, you can see the billboard at the following locations for the rest of May:

1. 4331 SH 99, 0.15 miles north of 156th Street SW (Lynnwood)
2. East Madison Street, 194 feet west of 13th Avenue E (Seattle)
3. Nickerson Street, 113 feet east of Queen Anne Avenue (Seattle)
4. South Albro Place 33 feet west of Stanley Avenue (Seattle)
5. James Street 145 feet east of 1st Avenue South (Kent)
6. South Tacoma Way 125 feet north of South 66th Street (Tacoma)

If someone around there could get me a picture of one of those in the wild, I'd appreciate it.
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