November 29th, 2007


Contact lenses are good and bad

I decided to try contact lenses a couple of months ago. I've been wearing glasses for 39 years, and bifocals for 31. Needless to say, it's quite a change.

The good: I can see all around. No more peripheral vision issues. It's taken me a month, but I can finally put them in with a minimum of cussing. There are some things glasses get in the way of, and that's not an issue any more.

The bad: The reason I wear bifocals is that I have a lack of focus flexibility. My eyes don't focus well over a range of distances. This means I need reading glasses. I also need sunglasses, so I get to carry multiple pairs around with me. I also need to carry my regular glasses as well. I also have other issues, so the contacts aren't a complete correction, though they're good enough for most purposes.

I'd originally planned only to wear the contacts when the need specifically arose to not wear glasses. I'm now rethinking that; on the whole, they work well enough.
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