November 30th, 2007


Reposting, since they seem to be disappearing...

Reposting here, since posts in the midwest_furfest community that are in any way critical of con security seem to be disappearing...

MFF 2007 was my third furry con, and first MFF (after Anthrocon 2004, where I just felt lost, and RCFM 2007, where I had lots of fun and one major problem which I'm assured will be fixed). I had lots of fun, due in no small part to spending lots of time in either of two fursuits I had with me. I was afraid that my somewhat unconventional suits would draw negative reaction, but that wasn't the case at all.

It was well worth doing. I'll be back next year.

I do have to say that I was disappointed with the con security staff, though; their approach seemed more than a little unprofessional, at least on Sunday. The one time that one of them interacted with me personally, it was a legitimate concern, and I was impressed with how it was handled. OTOH, I saw lots of behavior on their part that brought the term "jackbooted thugs" to mind. One of the security staffers' badge names didn't help matters, either: She Who Must Be Obeyed. That's not at all professional, and I would strongly recommend that, should she be on security staff next year, that she be strongly encouraged to pick another badge name. Otherwise, she's just asking for confrontations.

I do believe that that was, in no small part, due to heavy pressure from the hotel. I got the distinct impression that, while they were happy to take our money, the hotel would just as soon not have to deal with furries, especially when we act like, well, furries and out of the societal mainstream. The level of pure chickenshit from the hotel was so high that I'm not likely to give any of my business to Hyatt Hotels anytime soon - and I speak as someone who travels for a living, and had 164 paid hotel room nights in my name last year. I didn't join in the cheering for the hotel at closing ceremonies, because I don't think they deserved it.

Those aside, it was a fun weekend, and I'll be back next year. How well the concerns are fixed will determine whether I'm back in 2009.
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