December 3rd, 2007



After 7 years, the domain will expire today. I'm not going to renew it. They want $35 a year, and in today's market, that's too much.

We've already changed email addresses, and updated everything that sends us mail we want to keep getting - we think. Inevitably, there'll be something missed. I guess we'll figure that out when we get to it.

I do expect the spam load to drop noticeably. Spammers can keep right on trying

For the rest of you, just replace cx with com.
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The DC subway system's architecture sucks

I'm in Washington, DC this week for a job. This is one place I avoid renting a car, instead traveling on foot and by subway.

The New York, Boston, and Philadelphia subway systems' station architecture is bare-bones functional. They didn't spend a lot (any?) money on making it look pretty. The Washington Metro is different. Someone decided that they needed to pay attention to the design, as well as the function.

The function works well enough. The design, however, couldn't have been worse if they tried. It's like they told the architect to make it as dark and foreboding as possible. Everything's concrete, and lit from below. The effect is overwhelmingly evil and oppressive. I suspect it won lots of design awards.

I'll use it, but I really wish they'd gone for something more friendly in appearance.
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