February 19th, 2008


New watch with a pleasant surprise

I bought a new Citizen Skyhawk A-T watch today. It's got enough features to satisfy even a hardcore geek like me, with a WWVB receiver for automatic setting (so-called "atomic time"), three time zone display (two user-selectable plus UTC), timer, two alarms, stopwatch, and pilot's slide rule bezel. Mine's the version with a titanium case, too - so new it's not on the website yet. (The link goes to a stainless steel version.)

When I got it out, I noticed they'd included a mini CD-ROM. I just now put it in the machine, and was very pleasantly surprised: not only does the main application (an interactive setting and use tutorial) run on OS X as well as Windows, but they included PDF versions of the manual, as well as every manual for every Eco-Drive watch ever made as far as I can tell, including the watch I've been wearing for over a decade. That seems like an obvious touch for a computer geek, but I was really surprised to see it from a watch maker.
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