August 12th, 2008


City Pages story is up online

The City Pages story, titled Being Tron Guy, is now available online. It's the most in-depth anyone has gotten about me since the Tron Guy story broke across the net.

There's also a slideshow with pictures that didn't make the paper, and a blog entry by the reporter complete with video from the flight we took in my airplane. Aside from getting Orvan Ox's name slightly incorrect, it's all very good stuff.

The folks at City Pages did a fantastic job, overall. I'm quite pleased. Go check it out.
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That didn't take very long...

The City Pages story hit Fark not too long ago. The comments are mostly more of the same (though I'm amused by the subset that accuses me of giving Farkers too much credit by equating them to 6th graders), but one sharp-eyed commenter noted "That's not an AK-47. It looks like an NHM-91 by Norinco."

He's almost right. It's an SA-85M. The Bulgarians did a better job of cloning the weapon than the Chinese did, IMAO.

If I decide to buy another nasty eeeeevil "assault rifle", however, it won't be an AK clone, but an AR-15. Those scare gun grabbers even more than AKs, and are a better weapon all around.
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