November 14th, 2008


Evil black rifle, one each

I waited too long to buy the hard-to-get part of the AR-15 rifle (the lower receiver), and can't find any at all now. I'm getting quotes of a year's lead time for delivery. Since that's long enough for the evil troika (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) to enact another ugly gun ban, I decided I'd better act quickly.

I purchased a Bushmaster XM15-E2S this afternoon from my (more or less) local Gander Mountain. It's a carbine, with the pre-ban telescoping stock, A4 flash suppressor and early A1 upper receiver (which means the rear sight isn't adjustable for elevation). (This is Bushmaster's catalog page for the versions with the A2 and A3 uppers; they don't list the A1 version on their site at all. It may be discontinued...and that doesn't bother me at all. Mine has just semiauto and safe modes, as required for civilian sale.) $950 after a discount for applying for their credit card. With a couple hundred rounds of practice ammunition, some good controlled-expansion ammunition (Hornady V-Max), some necessary cleaning supplies, and tax, the total bill came to about $1200. I consider that a good investment in my Second Amendment rights.

I need to take it out and shoot it and see how I do with it, so I can get an idea of what optics to get for it.

Take that, gun grabbers.
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