August 19th, 2010


Comments are screened for a reason

Comments on this journal from those not on my friends list are screened. They're that way for a reason, and have been since before I became the Tron Guy. There are a few people who seem to feel it's their mission to put me in my place, and can't seem to argue my points, so instead they stoop to personal insult.

I got one such comment from an account named tacobuen0 last night. It was the usual crap, insulting me, my interpersonal skills, my abilities in my chosen profession, and my current situation. He did say one thing that folks who know me will find funny: he claimed that my political views and activities are a response to my situation.

This is my journal. I welcome real discussion, whether or not you agree with me. If all you're here to do, though, is gratuitously insult me behind the anonymity of a new LJ account, then I invite you to ponder water and ducks' backs while I wield this:

The banhammer
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