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Saturday, 14 May 2005

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0643 - Politicians occasionally do the right thing

The Minnesota Senate passed the concealed carry law in pretty much the same form it was originally adopted in yesterday, by a 44-21 majority. Nearly all of the DFL's amendments to weaken the law were reversed by the full Senate. The only change that I object to would allow a crime of which the applicant was acquitted to be considered in refusing a permit. If someone has been acquitted of a crime, they legally did not do it; why should a crime that they didn't commit be held against them?

Even so, it's a sign that politicians can do the right thing if their constituents speak up loud enough.

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Do you have joelrosenberg friended? He's been covering the whole ordeal pretty extensively.
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No, I don't...wish I'd known he was following the issue a few days ago.
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Politicians occasionally do the right thing
BAH! If this is what is indeed what is right, it is pure coincidence!
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This is, oddly, what I was saying earlier: That if the Republicans believe the support for it is there, they should go ahead and push it, rather than yank it and blame the DFL for a failure they never had the chance to cause. It's good to see that the Republicans didn't take the cheap way out and, as it was, stuck to their guns...

While I may disagree with the content of the bill, at least this is the way politics should be properly conducted.

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