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Saturday, 14 May 2005

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1051 - Morse code beats text messaging: the video!

Last night on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno had a contest between a couple of text messaging champions and a couple of ham radio contesters: text messaging vs. Morse code. As before, the hams won handily. The guy doing the sending wasn't going all that fast, either, only about 30 words per minute; I could copy it in my head.

If you missed it, there's now video (WMV only, dammit) available for your viewing pleasure.

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That is so awsome, thank you for sharing that. Haha, I usually don't like that show, but that is pretty awsome. :))
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While I enjoyed the video, they're comparing apples and oranges. It wouldn't bother me except for the masses of tonight show viewers with no knowledge of either system stating the next day "Morse code is faster than text messaging!" with no context.

(And "bother" is way to strong a word, but oh well. =o)
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Raios cubicos!

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