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Thursday, 19 May 2005

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0938 - Way too funny

From Iowahawk, via vakkotaur:

Newsweek Lutefisk Story Sparks Fury Across Volatile Midwest

Damn, but that's funny, even to this transplanted Texan.

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Yeah... so if a single country of the middle east essentially unilaterally invaded us (with minor support from one other, and only token forces sent token forces by second and third world countries for everything else), if in doing so they killed 20,000 civilian at minimum and there could be over 100,000 dead, if it ended up that the reason they claimed to do it was because we had weapons of mass destruction but we didnt actually have any and memos had been leaked that say they fixed the intelligence to do it, if all the intelligence the WMD claims they made was based on was a sham/weak intelligence, if the person who did it quoted more koran passages than a cleric, if everything seems to think it was a war on christianity, if it ends up that the invaders had tortured your people (though wait, that wasnt the US... that was US soldiers sent by the US...), if since the invasion there were car bombings every day and nothing was safe, if you had less electricity after the "liberation" than before, if the companies that got the rebuilding contracts weren't primarily Iraqi but instead no-bid contracts to companies that the politicians who invaded us use to work for, if hundreds of millions of dollars is just dissappearing from those contracts, etc. (this list goes on and on and on), and then you heard that they were flushing the koran down the toilet, wouldn't it be just so damn silly to get pissed off and maybe even riot about it? Seriously, I don't even understand how you can be heartless enough to laugh about that, when people were actually KILLED...

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Eric takes pains to regale me with every new Iowa Hawk piece he reads--including this one. I'd probably like the guy's stuff, if I ever got the chance to stumble onto one of his essays on my own. :-)

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