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Friday, 15 November 2002

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1602 - Data center or heater?

Our computer room has, at this writing, 23 computers, ranging from Windows PCs to an IBM AS/400. We only run a few at a time, normally. Only one, the Alpha Linux system the world knows as, is never shut down. There are a couple of other systems that run nearly all the time, and a couple more that run frequently (the AS/400 among them).

Before I left on this last trip, I shut down all but the Alpha. Within a couple of days, the temperature upstairs had dropped to the point that Paul had to raise the thermostat downstairs from 67 to 73 F to maintain the upstairs at 75 F or so. Amazing how much heat a few computers put out, eh?

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And, in a related story...

...the municipal utility for Fairmont, Minnesota has reported a sudden, sharp drop in revenues, which is likely to result in a shortfall imperiling the Christmas bonuses for executives. "We know the heartless bastard responsible for this," said A. Pismo Hertz, utility executive, "and if I can't make the payments on my condo in Jackson Hole, I am going to throw *such* a hissy fit."

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