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Another argument for the offense of felony st00pid

Via Slashdot:

The London Evening Standard is reporting that the "worlds biggest computer hacker" has been arrested in London. Gary McKinnon, 39, was seized by the Met's extradition unit at his Wood Green home. The unemployed former computer engineer is accused of causing the US government $1billion of damage by breaking into its most secure computers at the Pentagon and Nasa. He is likely to be extradited to America to face eight counts of computer crime in 14 states and could be jailed for 70 years. Apparently he broke into US military computers to hunt for evidence of a UFO cover-up.

Render unto me a ****ing break. This guy believes in a UFO coverup so much that he broke into lots of US government computers to try to find evidence of it?! How much of a crackpot can one person be?

If anyone ever deserved to go to prison for felony st00pid, it's this character.

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