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Public BitTorrent trackers?

In a few weeks, I may find myself in the position of needing to distribute a file via BitTorrent. (Completely legal.) I don't want to host the tracker myself, because all I've got is a 512K SDSL, and I'm afraid it might get swamped should the file be mentioned on, say, Slashdot. I've looked over the BitTorrent FAQs, and they mention various public trackers, but none of the links I've followed seem to actually act like the FAQs say and allow one to upload a .torrent and have it automagically tracked. (I can see why, too; such a thing would be an easy target for the RIAA/MPAA.)

Could someone point me to a site that will let me upload a .torrent and have it generate a tracker? I'd have no trouble with someone reviewing the file first to see that it's legit to distribute, if it's done quickly and/or in secret.

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