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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

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1441 - New DSL, new address, same old domains

We have a new DSL. It's 4 times faster on download, and the same speed on upload as out old line. After a bit of time on the phone, the backup DNS server for my domains is now serving the correct address. You should be able to get to anything at, and so on, now. Whee.

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Is it the same ISP? When I query the whois database and then ask the specified rwhois server, it says the block is owned by FrontierNet, which is who I thought you were with before. (It initially says it's owned by a company called Electric Lightwave, Inc, and then as you dig deeper the name FrontierNet comes up.)
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Nope. We had Bevcomm for a year or so. We originally had Frontiernet, but switched to Bevcomm because, at the time, they offered static IP and Frontier did not. Now, Frontier does, and Bevcomm has stopped offering new services in the Fairmont area.

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