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Friday, 17 June 2005

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0724 - New faire for us

vakkotaur and I are headed out to Peoria, Illinois to go to the Jubilee College Olde English Faire this weekend. Neither of us have been to that one before, and it's got a really good reputation. Guess we'll find out.

We're going by way of Des Moines so we can take foolscap001 with us, as his wife took the family van to an SCA event elsewhere. It'll take us all day to get to Peoria. Whee. Never been to that part of Illinois, either.

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Visit, and have a listen to the song "I Wish't I Was in Peoria." The lyrics are helpfully there, too.
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Ah, my old hometown. Central Illinois at its best!

(not much to do, but at least you have an event to go to.)
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buy me something pretty! ;)

and good luck driving through Iowa

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