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DSL speed issues

The new DSL went in last Wednesday. Ever since, we've had, at best, 210 KBPS upload speed instead of the 512K we need and are paying for. I put in a service call Thursday evening, and was told "we're still working on the install ticket. If it's still slow tomorrow, call us back." We were gone all weekend. I reran the speed test when we got power back Monday evening after the outage, and it was still slow. Same results this morning.

I put in another call, and opened a repair ticket. The repairman just called. I told him what speed we were getting, and what we expected.
"You can't get that unless you've got a BDSL modem, and the installer told me he tried and couldn't get that to work."
"He brought a SpeedStream 5930, put it in, and it worked with no trouble."
"Oh, you've got a 5930 already?"
Argh. He's going to check the settings at the central office and call back.

Someone on a big site in the Netherlands posted a message with one of KT's pictures in it. I had to move it out of the way; the constant hits were eating all my limited uplink bandwidth. If you're looking for the Pokermon picture, you'll just have to wait a while. Is there a module for Apache 2 that will disallow referrers from one particular site?

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