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Thursday, 23 June 2005

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1041 - What are they smoking?

I got pointed to the LJ of one of the Gang of Three. In her latest entry, km5r says:

Ham politics have been fun, as well. We've got the upper hand in the latest Texas VHF FM Society saga - hopefully we can get the idiots out of office, and get people involved who really want the society to succeed - not that are in it for their own ego.

I don't know what they're smoking, but if they truly think they have the upper hand, then they're in for a real disappointment in August. I just posted another update to the Gang of Three website, demolishing another of their arguments. They don't have any left that I can find, aside from their motherhood-and-apple-pie ravings.

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There is some amusing reading there. And there. Though I do have some agreement with one of her statements. Hopefully folks can throw the idiots out. I rather doubt she and I would agree on just who the idiots are, however.

I am still amused at how you link to them, but they don't dare link to you. You answer each of their claims and they just seem to call you names and claim you're lying without actually ever pointing out any specific error. Those two things suggest not only a lack of foundation for their claims but a lack of maturity on their part as well. Hopefully that will be plain to a good many others as well.

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