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Minor annoyance with clocks

"A man with one clock knows what time it is. A man with two is never sure."

There are five clocks within my direct line of sight as I type at my office Mac: the Mac itself, of course; a car radio I have set up so I can listen to local severe weather alerts and such; the indoor/outdoor thermometer (it's 84.1 F out there, a nice comfortable temperature); and two VCRs. One of the latter is the latest source of annoyance.

They're both Sony decks. One is a fairly old SL-2700 Beta; the other, a fairly recent SLV-N51 VHS. Both are hooked up through some switching and a video processor to a Canopus ADVC-100 grabber for video work.

The clock on the Beta deck drifts a second or so a month, and gets reset against the Mac whenever I notice. The clock in the thermometer is largely ignored, since it's not very accurate at all. When it's drifted 5 minutes or so, it gets reset. The clock on the Mac is dead on, since it's synchronized with a time server Apple runs via NTP.

The clock on the VHS deck is supposed to be set automatically. I gather that it sucks a time signal off one of the TV stations on the cable and sets itself daily, at 9 PM. There's only one problem: It's two hours off, and has been ever since the power outage we had a week or so ago. Occasionally it resets to something even more entertaining, but it hasn't been right since the outage. There's a Toshiba VCR in the bedroom that also sets itself automatically, and it's right. I checked the settings on this one, and everything's set to auto: channel to set from, time zone, and setting enable.

I don't know why it's off, but it's beginning to irritate me.

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