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Pleasant surprise from FedEx

I checked the tracking info for the computer case which was supposed to arrive today. The FedEx site said that it had been delivered. No doorbell...grumble. Went out to the porch behind the garage, where they leave packages, and sure enough, it was there - and so were the other two packages from NewEgg that weren't supposed to arrive till tomorrow.

Now I've got everything but the motherboard, and that's supposed to arrive tomorrow (via UPS). I'll have the system together and installing Gentoo before I go to bed tomorrow night - assuming I can find a place to put it. The Antec Titan 550 case is, indeed, large. I went ahead and put the drives in it, and found something strange: Drive rails. Who uses drive rails? Those went out with high-button greaves, to quote Bored of the Rings. Nevertheless, there they were.

It's as together as I can get it without the motherboard - which isn't very together. Hopefully, it'll go together the rest of the way quickly; since all I'll have to do is install the motherboard in the chassis, then add both processors, memory, and cheap video card, there's not a lot to get in the way.

I'm not real impressed with AMD's retail packaging. They use a recycled paper carrier, like the stuff used to make egg cartons, but it's just not sturdy enough for the heavy heatsink/fan. The one I opened up was cracked, and little pieces of shredded paper were everywhere. I'm going to have to blow it out with some canned air before I put it in the case.

I'm looking forward to starting in on that project. I think Hercules will run quite well on that box.

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