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Monday, 18 July 2005

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1452 - DSL fixed, I hope

The DSL has been flaky at my home ever since it went in and they set the speed to the 2M down/512K up we're paying for. It was nearly unusable Friday and Saturday, and not much better yesterday. I'd placed a call to the tech support line, and they entered a repair ticket, the third since it went in.

Today, the repair guy came out and replaced my Efficient Networks 5930 with a 5861. He said those had been pretty trouble-free in his experience. He also looked, and saw the line coming to my house was the original overhead wiring that had been around since it was built. Whee.

The connection has been solid so far with the 5861. Here's hoping it's actually fixed and stable.

current mood: [mood icon] hopeful

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