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Monday, 18 July 2005

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2102 - Finally talking to kids

Tomorrow evening, I'm going to be talking to a group of kids brought together by the Fairmont affiliate of Kinship, Inc. I'm going to be talking about what I'd planned to tell the folks in Detroit, before that one got squashed by a nervous principal: a bit about the costume and what's come of it, and a bit about how it's all come about because I was just being myself and having a good time - and how they might want to try that, too. Oh, and while they're being themselves, how about letting everyone else be themselves, too? Hopefully, the costume (which I'll be wearing) will give me an opening to get talking with them.

I'm a bit nervous about it, but it's not like I haven't been nervous before about doing something in public in the costume; I'll just put it aside and go forward.

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You'll do fine. You always do.

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Good luck!

Wow! It's fantastic that the school's got you helping teach a lesson like that. I hope the kids behave well for you... you'll be great!

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