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Northwest's mechanics haven't learned from history

The National Labor Relations Board today declared an impasse in negotiations between Northwest Airlines and the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, starting a 30-day countdown toward a strike. The strike authorization vote has already been taken, and passed with a 92% margin. Unless AMFA gives in to Northwest's demands for cost cuts, and lowers their expectations from what's currently the second highest pay scale in the industry (the average NW mechanic makes over $70K/year), they're going to find themselves out on their collective ears. The facts are clear: Northwest can't afford to keep paying its mechanics what it is now.

Here's a letter I sent to the Star-Tribune:

Does AMFA remember what happened to Eastern Airlines? If not, they should learn from history, before they're doomed to repeat it. They have two possible outcomes from a strike: either they don't make a dent in Northwest's ability to operate, and render themselves irrelevant, or they succeed in crippling the airline, and ride it down in flames. Neither result is good for them, and the latter isn't good for the rest of us, either.

I've got four trips currently ticketed. Two of them are on Northwest prior to the strike deadline; one is on Midwest just after it; and the last is on Northwest at the end of September. I don't think I'll have problems.

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