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The final showdown

The final showdown with the Gang of Three is coming.

I've been working for the past few months on fighting a takeover of the Texas VHF-FM Society by a small group who thinks they're smarter than everyone else and are determined to run things their way. They don't let little details like Robert's Rules of Order or bylaws get in their way. They're willing to destroy the Society to get what they want. This is all laid out in the website I put up a couple of months ago and have been updating ever since, http://www.gangofthree.info .

This is the same bunch who filed a last-minute lawsuit to prevent a meeting in April from stopping one key piece of their plans, a vote-by-mail bylaws amendment that would cost 60% of the Society's annual budget just to ensure that they could stuff the ballot box and keep their seats on the board of directors. They've failed, so far, but not without a lot of effort on the part of the good guys.

That amendment is still pending. Their terms of office expire at the end of the meeting. They're running for reelection along with a couple of cronies (five seats of a 9-member board are up for election), and if they win, they'll have a majority on the board and be able to do as they please. Another slate of candidates has come forward to oppose them.

I've been writing a few resolutions and bylaws amendments, and will introduce them at appropriate times during the meeting. I've also been going over Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised again, and will continue to do so up until the meeting. The Gang of Three will be strictly held to the rules this time. When I said that on a mailing list, they hinted that I would regret that. They think they have some big surprise that will make me regret that stance. I'm fairly sure I know what they have in mind, and I'm prepared for it.

The meeting is at 1 PM Saturday. That will, hopefully, be the final showdown. I'm leaving for the airport in a couple of hours to go to Austin.

It won't be the end of the saga, since the Gang of Three has already threatened to go off and form their own competing group, and will have data stolen from the Society to do it with. Because of the way the FCC has written the rules of the amateur radio service, they will succeed in greatly complicating, if not rendering totally ineffective, amateur radio frequency coordination in Texas. The Gang of Three doesn't care about the good of amateur radio, though - just their own egos.

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