Why D. C. Simpson respects the NY Times - Jay Maynard

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Sunday, 21 August 2005

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1904 - Why D. C. Simpson respects the NY Times

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If you are referring to #wt, then yes there was a clique and I felt it as well. That's one reason I had no problem at all moving to the cafe. Some of the clique followed, and I felt that too. I doubt you will believe it, but both Jay and I were on the outside of that. Yes, even in his own channel, he was bit of an outsider to things. It was Masem who actually tried to point things out.. and actually got listened. I think I tried to point it out earlier, but that didn't go anywhere. That, however, is not at all the issue.

As for reputation, it's amazing to me how many still believe him - but then he even had me duped for a couple years as he used me to help him screw things up in the cafe and drive people off one by one (that's most galling thing of all - and I suspect and fear he's incapable of understanding that that is what he did and the harm he caused by that - being used by someone to help them hurt a friend is not a fun experience or realization). Mostly his reputation is what he says, which is not true, but many believe him all the same, which only encourages a sad stasis. The truly depressing thing is it took it me so long to see how he really is, even with repeated examples of his troublemaking right in front of me. If you didn't see who he drove off from the cafe, you were not there. The stuff that happened in #wt I can see as largely the result of a kid not realizing what he was doing. What he did in the cafe, after he supposedly grew up, was not. He can call himself a mephit all he wants, but until he stops stinging - even if he only stings a few people - his behavior is that of a scorpion and he ought to be treated as scorpion. I've seen to too many stung (I include the ones he has run off, who don't even realize they were stung), and been stung too hard myself, to do otherwise.

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