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Monday, 22 August 2005

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1310 - Midwest gets a black mark

I'd requested window seats for my flights this week on Midwest. Orbitz had them as being assigned. When I went to check in online (which I was able to do despite their web site saying it wouldn't work on a Mac), though, it had me in an aisle seat for the segment from Milwaukee to Boston, and wouldn't let me change it. Grumble.

I like their 4-across seating in a 717, but really wish they'd honored my request for a window seat. I tend to get a little airsick if I can't look out the window every now and then.

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So you're in Boston this week, huh? Figures it's the weekend I'm up in Portsmouth, a good 70 miles north up 95. Ah, well. :/
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I'm just here tonight through Thursday morning, and I wouldn't have any time to bum around, unfortunately.

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