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Lunch at Zingerman's

Since I had time yesterday, I drove over to Ann Arbor for lunch. There's a fantastic deli there, named Zingerman's. They're rated as one of the best in the country, and people make pilgrimages just to shop there. I had to park several blocks away, since the place is so popular.

I had a Reuben and a bowl of chicken matzoh ball soup. It was expensive - the sandwich was $10 - but it was quite worth it. The bread was baked fresh that day, and quite tasty; the sauerkraut was mild, instead of the usual overpowering; the Swiss cheese was real Emmenthaler; and the soup was quite tasty. Well worth the trip.

They've got a website, as well, and while their stuff is quite expensive there too, it's shipped via FedEx (second-day air is included), and the customer service is nothing short of fantastic. Recommended.

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