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Tuesday, 6 September 2005

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2100 - Missed out on the last one

I was contacted not long after the TRON costume thing started by a guy who wanted to use my name and image on a small production run of Atari 2600 cartridges of a game they'd written with me in it. I gave them permission.

They just sold the last of their limited production run on eBay. I meant to bid on it, but couldn't get to the auction in time this evening. Dammit.

Update: Never mind. I am indeed getting one; they held one for me. I think I'm getting it for free, but I'll pay for it if I have to.

current mood: [mood icon] pissed off

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Shouldn't you get one for free? I mean, you're on the cover of it.
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Can you bring an Atari 2600 to Linucon, and let us all play the game?

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If I get it in time, and can get my hands on a 2600...

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