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Wednesday, 7 September 2005

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0715 - On wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs

Bill Whittle is a Hollywood TV editor who, unlike the rest of that town, actually has some sense about the real world. Monday, he posted an essay in his blog, Eject! Eject! Eject!, that should be required reading for anyone wishing to take part in the public discourse. Yes, it's long. Yes, he gets vehement at times. Yes, it can be uncomfortable if you're of the Pink mindset (which he explains all about). Go read it anyway.

The only thing I can add, for myself, is a soft "woof".

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I like to believe that I am pink on the outside and grey in the inside. And I know it to be true, because I always try the pink justification first. And sometimes it's right. But alot of times... I have to kick in with the Grey and say, "STFU you whining bastards." Sometimes... sometimes... it is all about staring the wolf down.

I grew up believing that all people would be good if given the chance. They'd make the right decision. They'd put other's happiness before their own. They'd never intentionally hurt another person.

I spent five years in a depression so deep and dark that it almost took my life before I realized that wasn't true.

And when I did... when I realized it wasn't true... I realized that I could treat others with the dignity that they proved they deserved. And if they showed themselves to be a "wolf" then I had no reason whatsoever to respect them, their feelings, their opinions, or their persons.

I don't know what else to say, other than this was a magnificent article, it has me quite pensive, and "pink" and "grey" make a whole lot more sense than "liberal" and "conservative".
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Woof indeed. Thanks for that link.

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Thanks for the pointer to an excellent essay. I'd like to think I lean towards Gray...but honesty compels me to say I'm probably a sheep.
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So, wait, this guy is trying to tell me that, if he were in the middle of NOLA right now with a bunch of his "Sheepdog" friends, their houses just destroyed or under 30 feet of water, unemployed and broke, hungry and unable to go to the bathroom or take a shower or even sleep comfortably, they'd all be sitting around a campfire havin' a grand ol' time, singing "Kumbaya" and roasting marshmallows? Seems like an easy thing to say. But I think he's full of shit.

Let's send him there and find out if he can walk the talk.

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