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Intellectual dishonesty from an SF writer? Can't be!

mouseworks is a published SF author with several books to her name. (In accordance with LJ policy, I will not give that name out here, even though I feel it's a stupid policy.) In a recent entry, she slams Eric Raymond as a simplistic right-winger. Anyone who's read his writings knows that that's not at all the case, and that he has as much problem with the Right as with the Left (of which mouseworks is a proud, strident member). I pointed Eric at her entry, and his reply was:

She's disabled open posting. Were I able to comment, I'd say this: Anybody who can call me "right wing" with a straight face had better look in the mirror before accusing anyone else of simplemindedness.

I posted that entry. Her reply:

And if anyone is coming here to relay what I consider roving nutbar comment (right, left, libertarian, it doesn't matter), I will delete them. You have other places to play; this is my home on line. I get to toss out whoever pisses me off. I set it up so I could get a break from the loonies who see Islam as the next equivalent Communism. There are a ton of things I don't like about any stripe of fundamentalism, just that I don't privilege one version over another. I particularly dislike having people I don't like brought into my house by proxy.

Jay, this means you. If I can, I'll have you barred from commenting in my blog at all over anything if you try to defend what I consider indefensible hate in *my* blog.

My reply (originally posted in two pieces), which I'm sure she will delete as soon as she sees it:

You might as well ban me, then, since you appear to not be interested in honest discourse with people who disagree with you. For my part, I do agree with Eric: if you think he's right-wing, you really don't know his views very well at all. That you are uninterested in finding out the truth speaks to a great, deep-seated intellectual dishonesty.

Go ahead and ban me. You can do it when you delete this comment, or else you can go to http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=20 to find out how.

Oh, and for the record, I do not see Islam as the next equivalent to Communism. I believe that Islam itself is, as its more moderate proponents claim, a peaceful religion. That more violence has been done in the name of Christianity in the history of the world does not excuse some Muslim extremists who are trying to better that record.

People who read my LJ regularly know that I do not delete comments that aren't pure trollishness, and the only user currently banned from my journal is one persistent troll. I do not intend to change that. Even if mouseworks engages in deliberate intellectual dishonesty, I will not.

Update: Her short reply: "I'll leave your rant, but from now on, you are banned." Uhm, what rant? Her long reply is here; it appears to be more of the same. I'll only reply to one bit: "It's not like you're showing great intellectual capacities for thinking about social problems elsewhere, either" is the same old leftist cant: "If you were a thinking person, you'd agree with me." Hogwash and horse exhaust.

ESR has posted his own reply, and he thinks the original post is darkly funny...

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