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Sunday, 11 September 2005

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1454 - Finding out a bit sooner than expected

I was supposed to be in a two-day company meeting with my sometimes employer tomorrow and Tuesday. The best laid plans... We got a support call from a customer. Instead of being in the Twin Cities tomorrow and Tuesday, returning home that afternoon, now I'm flying out to Newark tomorrow evening and staying there two nights, returning home Wednesday evening.

I'm flying Northwest Airlines, at least for the flight out. The return is on a Continental codeshare flight to Chicago, then a Northwest Airlink flight to MSP.

Guess I'll meet the picketers first-hand. Whee. I had no travel plans before Linucon at the end of the month, and that trip was purchased on Northwest several months ago. I doubt I'll have any trouble, though, as Northwest appears from all reports to be keeping its schedule with few disruptions.

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