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Sunday, 18 September 2005

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2133 - Overheard just now...

vakkotaur is setting up a laptop with Ultima Linux. It's the first small-machine distribution he's tried that hasn't sucked in one way or another. Since this laptop is a PII-266 with 192 MB of RAM, that's important.

He installed the Xfce window manager, and has been setting up various applications. Just now, he was going through themes for the Eterm terminal emulator, and I heard:


People who write apps should take note: cool is, quite often, not good.

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Ah, how the definition of "small machine" has changed. I remember when 8MB of RAM was the big workstation...and I'm a relative newcomer compared to many.
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Yeah. Hell, a small machine today can emulate what was once a big machine, and do it faster than the original box ever thought of running.

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