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Thursday, 21 November 2002

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0931 - Microsoft: "Don't trust us!"

Slashdot pointed me at this Microsoft security bulletin. The Slashdot story goes on to say that, because the buggy version was signed by Microsoft, the attacker can tell your computer to replace the fixed version with the buggy version and then run it.

Microsoft's answer to that problem is simple: Remove Microsoft from the list of trusted publishers in Windows.

For M$ to come out and say "don't trust us!" is mind-boggling...after all, nobody really trusts them anyway, but for them to recommend it themselves...

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Well, at least we know the story has to be real. After all, who'd get away with making this up?
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No problem.

MICROS~1 never had my trust anyway. I haven't completely forgiven them for MS-DOS 4 yet. :o)

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