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Sunday, 25 September 2005

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2139 - Gotta buy (or rent) a sewing machine, fast!

Got to the point that I need to give my sewing machine a workout. Unfortunately, it isn't cooperating. It had been getting cranky: sometimes it would start when I pushed the pedal, sometimes not. I replaced the pedal, thinking that was the problem, and it worked - for a while. Now, nothing. Damn damn damn.

Of course, if I hadn't procrastinated... I need to do a fair bit of sewing between now and Thursday morning, and can't get mine fixed that fast, so it's time to acquire another one, either temporarily or permanently. I'm not above getting a $75 Wal-Mart special for the job, but wouldn't mind spending less than that...

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I need to take my cranky self to bed... we need to talk or IM in the AM after I take James to the dentist to get his crown fixed... I think I can help you ... side note.. I'm not sure I would advise the Wally World flavor machine... let me do a little checking and then hook up with you
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I'm here, plus or minus being in and out dealing with the car...

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