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Who controls the Internet?

The right answer: Nobody. Nevertheless, the UN and the EU seem to think that the US Department of Commerce's control over the root DNS servers gives the US "control over the Internet". They're so alarmed that they're preparing to forcibly take control.

Hogwash and horse exhaust.

Control of the namespace is nearly meaningless. With the advent of Google and similar all-encompassing search engines, the name a resource is assigned is not quite as meaningless as its IP address, but is rapidly becoming so. Controlling the namespace is going to be singularly ineffective in controlling anything about how people interact and find information on the net.

The UN and EU, with their historical inability to actually get anything done, will simply add a layer of bureaucracy to the machinery of the net, and will add no value to the process. They should be happy that the US is willing to do the job and not charge them a nickel for it. Instead, they're going to gum up the works to the extent that anyone can.

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