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Thursday, 6 October 2005

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1735 - Switched to S2

I finally decided to switch to an S2 style. I'm mildly disappointed that the S2 version of Punquin Elegant isn't as customizable as the S1 version - in particular, I can't easily set the time and date formats, or change the text in the navigation box, or make the <hr> tags come out anything but white - but I can live with it. I did make one change from the S1 customization I'd been using: the text is blue instead of white. I did this to make it look a bit more seamless when I finally figure out how to embed it in the tronguy.net web page.

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You can also slap a custom layer on top of your S2 style and redefine various bits of it. (Magazine S2 doesn't let me do the ISO date format, fails to add height and width attributes to userpics, etc; my custom layer fixes that.)
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Don't you wind up rewriting the code that generates the HTML, though? I looked at the source code for the style I use (Punquin Elegant), and it looks like I'd have to replace the function that displays an entry to change the stuff I don't like.

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