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Another week, another organization

I finally signed up for the American Institute of Parliamentarians today. It's another organization which split from the National Association of Parliamentarians in 1958, apparently over the use of parliamentary authorities other than Robert's Rules of Order. The NAP uses Robert's exclusively, while AIP is more open to others; the NAP's certifications are based on Robert's, while the AIP's are based on four books including Robert's. The certification process for AIP includes some service point requirements that can be satisfied by doing work for AIP, or professionally for the public.

There are a lot of professional parliamentarians that are members of both. There's also a lot of cross-pollination between the two at the leadership levels. I'm not sure, aside from the difference in authorities, why there are two organizations, but it seems that most real-world professionals simply punt the question of which to join. What it means to me is that the $80/year NAP dues (which will grow to $100 when I become a Professional Registered Parliamentarian) are now supplemented by another $55 (which will go up as I get AIP's certifications). Whee.

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