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No, I'm not SPEWS.

Got an email, and then a phone call, from a guy at Verizon. It seems that they've got a customer who's complaining about being included in http://www.spews.org/html/S355.html. This guy is under the mistaken impression that SPEWS contacts people. Since I posted to news.admin.net-abuse.email that SPEWS doesn't, he leaped to the conclusion that I must somehow be associated with SPEWS. He was disappointed when I explained to him that I'm not. When I told him that the only way to get the blocklist entry removed was to terminate the spammer, he said that that wasn't going to happen, and was even less happy when I told him that in that case, the blocklist entry wasn't going away...

I wish I knew who SPEWS was, so I could buy them a case of their favorite beverage. Since I don't, though, I'll have to settle for singing their praises publicly. It's an effective resource for stopping spam dead. If you run your own mail server, I strongly recommend it. If not, get your ISP (or whoever runs your mail server) to use it.

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