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Another letter to the Star-Tribune

Doug Grow, in a column in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune, describes a campaign by the mechanics union to harass individual Northwest directors. Here's a reply I just sent as a letter to the editor:

Doug Grow's column on how AMFA is planning to hound the individual members of Northwest's board of directors is way off base. AMFA led its members into a losing strike. Now that it's obvious to everyone except die-hard union zealots that they've lost, and thrown away a couple of thousand jobs and months of severance pay for their members in the process, they're trying to shift the blame.

The problem with Northwest is not the directors. The problem with Northwest is the unions, just as it is across all of unionized America. Union workers have priced themselves out of the global market. Now, they're learning the hard way that they can't have wages grow without bound, just because they want them to.

When the unions wake up and face reality, we'll once again be competitive as a country. Until then, they're hurting far more than they're helping. Confrontational tactics like their pamphleteering campaign won't change a thing.

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