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Friday, 28 October 2005

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1312 - Joined the herd

I had to go to the Cities yesterday to do some work. After that was done, I went to the Mall of America, because that was the closest Barnes and Noble to the office. I got the book I wanted, and then made the mistake of going into the Apple Store. Sure, I was only going to get a travel adapter kit for the laptop, since I can't find the European adapter from the last one I got. Right?

I made a further mistake: I looked at the new generation video iPods. You can guess the rest. Yes, I bought one. Damn, but it's nice. I got the 60 GB version; the 30 GB version is quite a bit thinner, and I doubt, realistically, that I'd ever fill it up, but I never, ever buy less storage, in any form, than I can afford. You can never have too much disk space.

I'm recoding all of the videos on the site to the MPEG4 format the iPod wants, and should be able to upload them this evening or tomorrow. It's really simple: there's a preset in the QuickTime Pro export menu, at version 7.03 and above, that sets everything up the way the iPod wants it.

I just ordered a pair of Etymotic Research ER6i in-ear phones. They'll double as earplugs for air travel, something I find I need fairly frequently. The reviews have been pretty good, too. They should arrive early next week.

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I've been using my Etymotics when flying for a couple of years now.

Be prepared to say goodbye to plane noise for good. I haven't heard a baby crying in forever. Not only that, the sound is phenomenal.
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If I had waited another week and a half to buy a new iPod, I would have ended up with one of these! As it is, I ended up with a 20G 4th edition color iPod. Oh, well. At least you have a use for the video feature. :)

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