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Sunday, 30 October 2005

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1629 - The third costume page is finally up

I finally sat down and wrote up the page on the third costume I made, for Linucon 2.0. Check it out at

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Hey Jay, I would love to be added.

I have an art journal. Check it out if you are interested.

Thanks man.

~m 80
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That's pretty cool, for something you basically threw together at the last minute. I also see you did not put on the knee pads.

...though, I'm not sure I like the original costume they used in the movie - the lower body seems too small and unprotected as compared to the upper body.
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I forgot to pack the knee pads, dammit...that really irritated me once I discovered it.

I'm not sure why the design of the original came out as it did. I agree that the lower body seems unprotected. Then again, the jacket didn't provide any protection anyway (after all, it only took one hit, anywhere, to de-rez the target)...

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