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Thursday, 3 November 2005

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0859 - Triple play

I've been reading the conservative weblog Power Line lately. They cover the stories the mainstream media won't, and do so solidly, with links to the stories they draw from.

Last night and this morning, they've turned a triple play of stories that answer the Left's carping about Iraq's WMDs, the Alito nomination, and the Wilson/Plame story:

1) Iraq really did have massive amounts of chemical weapons. What else would you call large quantities of nerve agents next to hollow artillery and mortar shells designed to deliver liquids on target? There's a link to an in-depth story at Dafydd ab Hugh's weblog that discusses it in detail.

2) The LA Times printed an article on left-wing lawyers who clerked for Alito, and yet wholeheartedly support his nomination. Of course, we won't hear about that from the rest of the mainstream media.

3) Far from being a victim of Karl Rove, Wilson and Plame are pawns in an attack by the CIA on President Bush's administration. There are too many unexplained anomalies in how Wilson's trip, his report on that trip, and the subsequent NY Times commentary he wrote to write off - but the mainstream media is too busy crowing over the indictment of Scooter Libby - which, it should be pointed out, had nothing to do with the Plame case itself - to examine them.

Power Line is the same weblog that broke the Rathergate story and pursued it until it was shown to be the fraud it was. It's well worth following.

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